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3 Reasons Why Many Consumer Facing Industries use Continuous Inkjet Printer

Industries such as cosmetics, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics, etc. have
certain kinds of coding and marking on their primary packaging for various purposes but the
most important one is identification. It helps the manufacturers, distributors and the end
consumers identify and be aware of various details such as date of manufacturing, time of
manufacturing, batch number, etc.
The process of this printing is done by Continuous Inkjet Printers. Continuous Inkjet Printers
or CIJ is the oldest printing technology which is still in use today and is frequently used in
cases where reliability, speed, and flexibility are needed. There are quite a number of reasons
top brands rely on CIJ printers but among them here are the top 3: 
Speed: The major advantage is the speed. A high-pressure pump directs liquid ink from a
reservoir through a nozzle, creating a continuous stream of ink droplets. The high frequency
of drop ejection allows for very high-speed printing which ensures that your production line
does not suffer just because of the last step of printing.
Simple & Reliable: CIJ Printers are simple and reliable solutions because they can be
used to mark or code on almost any material, at any speed and orientation, with multiple
characteristics including size, shape and texture. These printers can print date codes, lot
codes, logos, and barcodes and can apply text to a variety of substrates including metal, glass,
wood, plastic, paper and more.
Lower Operating Costs: CIJ printers are capable of running long hours before requiring
service which lowers costs. In the most demanding environments, continuous inkjet printers
are reliable and cost-effective.
The Nilkamal Continuous Inkjet Printer F500 Series is accompanied by many more benefits
that include Sealed Unipart ink system for high uptime, easy to replace combo external filter
with a life of 2 years, quick-change ink cartridge system and modular design makes it the
ideal choice for simple, reliable and high-speed printing requirements makes it the preferred
choice for easy, reliable and high-speed printing requirements.
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