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Continuous Inkjet Printer for the Manufacturing Industry

Continuous Inkjet has evolved over the years to meet the needs of manufacturing, and it only gets better for the industry. Nilkamal’s range of Continuous Inkjet Printers has helped many manufacturers organize their business with the right printing solutions.

Nilkamal stresses on the need for consistent, high-quality coding on products. This is important for manufacturing industries to function in a highly complex supply chain. Every CIJ printer is manufactured with the aim to provide 100% accuracy. When we look at sophisticated supply chain management, we have to keep in mind that the product’s movement will be between customers, retailers, and suppliers. In this situation, simple codes can make a huge difference, especially when we talk about batch coding.

Nilkamal’s F500 series printers are unconventionally simple and will be ideal for use even with the changes in code requirements in the future.

Why do we need Continuous Inkjet Printers in the manufacturing industry?

–       Nilkamal CIJ Printers have the ability to charge ink with limited guard drops, at a significant velocity, onto a moving subject. This helps in achieving high-speed printing.

–       CIJ printers can create small codes in multiple orientations onto any surface at high speeds. So, you can use a CIJ to print onto metal, glass, paper, porous and semi-porous cards, and plastics.

–       CIJ inks are available in a variety, and so the right colour can be used for different surfaces, as needed.

–       Nilkamal CIJ printers are robust and built for tough environments. You can use them for a long period of time before getting them serviced.

Future needs of manufacturing

The production environment has evolved, and the advances in technology have helped productions lines to move faster than ever. While producing a high volume of products, coding is and will always be essential. High production speeds will be needed to cater to the growing number of products to be coded. In this situation, Nilkamal Continuous Inkjet printers in India are ideal for use because code quality has been the priority for the company always!