F500 Series Nilkamal Printer: The ultimate CIJ solution

The F500 Series Nilkamal Printer with Unipart Fluid Management system is low-cost and sophisticated. The robust stainless steel IP55 construction ensures these printers will survive even in the harshest of environments. With a quick change Combo External Filter unit placed outside the Unipart ink system allows users to replace the same with ease. 

There are three Continuous Inkjet Printers in the F500 series.

F530 SI – This is good for companies looking for basic coding.

F560 SI – This is for companies willing to incorporate advanced coding.

F580 SI – This is an advanced printer designed for high-contrast pigmented inks.

The F500 Series Nilkamal Printers are simple to install and print on various materials such as metal, glass, milk packets, and cardboards. They offer nozzle diameters of 40/50/60/70 microns so that you can make the necessary changes as per your requirement. With plug and play modular design, these printers can eliminate high service skill requirements and make the process Unconventionally Simple!

Nilkamal offers a wide range of spares and consumables that are RoHS compliant. Nilkamal also prioritizes customers and, in case of an issue, the customer can expect a response in 24 hours. So, you not only get a good Continuous Inkjet Printer but also get stable customer service. Nilkamal inks are compliant to Indian standard IS15495:2020.