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Flexible Characteristics of CIJ Printers

When coding on a product, CIJ Printers do not need to come in contact with it. Ink drops from the print head are deflected and land on the product. This makes CIJ printers an ideal choice for coding and marking of products. Some characteristics of a Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printer make it ideal for coding and marking in various industries. Nilkamal CIJ printers are suitable for the food, beverage, cable and wire, and pharmaceutical industries.

CIJ print heads can utilize different kinds of specialty inks in order to accommodate a multitude of applications. For instance, if you have to print on cables and wires, you need heavily pigmented white ink, and Nilkamal F500 Series printers can satisfy the need.

In the food and beverage industry, there are a lot of details to print on the packaging. With this, one has to ensure legal compliance is adhered to, especially when packaging on direct-food-contact packaging. Specific inks are developed for this purpose, and Nilkamal CIJ Printers are ideal for such printing solutions.

When we talk about Continuous Inkjet Printers, we have to also understand that there might be a need to move these printers from one place to another, as per the requirement. Sometimes, these printers will be moved to harsh environments, which is why Nilkamal CIJ printers are made to withstand harsh environments. The robust yet modular structure is built with high durable IP55 rated construction. So, you can work with these printers in any environment and enjoy the results you want to get by having these printers in your commercial space.

Nilkamal CIJ Printers are extremely versatile and easy to use.