F560 Plus

The F500 Series Nilkamal printer with Unipart Fluid Management system ensures predictable low Total Cost of Ownership. Reliability of operation with robust stainless steel modular construction ensuring printers survive the harshest of environments. It has Intelligent print data options that can be used in ost environments. With a mistake proof, plug and play modular design, the F500 series printers not only eliminate high service skill requirements but also makes it Unconventionally Simple.

Product Speciation:-


Nozzle 70/60/50/40 um
Maximum Vertical Drops 34
Multi- Language Standard 
Traversing Printing Standard
90 Degrees Vertical Printing Standard
IP55 Industrial Protection Standard
Special Counter Standard
USB Port Standard
Serial Port Optional
Network Lan Connection Optional
Durable Pump for Special Ink
Ink Recovery Pump Standard
Positive Air Pump Optional
Solvent Flush Pump Standard
Dye Ink Standard
Pigment Ink
High Speed Model Optional
Umbilical Length 2700mm Diameter  21 Bending Radius 150mm
Print Height 1I2-15 mm
Max Printing Speed up to 320 m/min
Printing Distance 2-15 mm
Input System Standard American Keyboard of WYSIWYG
Print Font 5×5 , 7×5, 9×6, 11×8, 16×11, 24×17, 32×22
Operating Range 5-45 Deg C
User Defined Field Bard Code, QR Code, Logos, Clock, Counter, Classes, etc
Electricity 200-240 VAC, 50HZ
Power 120-150 W
Net Weight 27kg
Gross Weight with Complete Package 45kg